Email Accounts - Changing password

Change Email Account Password

If you would like to change the email password, please follow the below steps:

1. On the cPanel home page.

  •     Select Email Accounts under EMAIL heading.


2. Select  2020-08-11-16h25-08  for the corresponding emails password you wish to change.


3. Under security, you will be able to change your password.

  • Type in your desired password
  • Generate a random password (PLEASE WRITEDOWN OR SAVE PASSWORD)


4. Select 2020-08-11-16h46-32.png


Via Webmail - If you DO know the password, and wish to change it.

1. Login to webmail,


via the URL format of http://webmail.[YOUR-EMAIL-DOMAIN]. For example, if your email address was, the login would be


2.  Once logged in, click your email address that is displayed in the top right-hand corner and from the drop-down that appears, choose PASSWORD & SECURITY.




3.   Follow the steps on the next page to reset your password. 




IMPORTANT: Please be sure to change passwords on all devices ASAP, or your account may be blocked for failed login attempts with the old password. If you do get blocked, please see THIS ARTICLE for details on unblocking your account via the Client Area.





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