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Make sure your data is protected!

Secure, off server backups, with an easy to use control panel. Choose from a wide range of options, including how often backups run and how long backups are stored. Control what is kept and for how long. Backups stored off server, in a secure location.

Advanced Jet Backup Service

Give yourself piece of mind that your site is covered in a worst case scenario - or even a roll back point, should you accidentally make an unneeded change to the site.
Choose from a huge range of options, from twice daily, monthly, annual and more.

Standard Options

The basic option provides you with access to self manage via a powerful cPanel plugin, up to 21 days worth of off server backups, with each backup taken overnight by default.
$3.50 per month
$25 setup fee
(Reduced setup fee for longer periods)
Schedule Options

This is how often a backup of your site is taken, a daily backup is included with most Hosting Australia hosting packages by default.
Daily - Included
Twice Daily + $25 per month
Hourly + $45 per month
Monthly Backups Archive

This determines how many months your backup is kept in our secure off server storage, in addition to the included Daily Backups. You can choose from a number of options, right up to 12 months worth.
For example, choosing the 6 month option below, will give you 21 days of overnight backups and then another 6 copies of monthly backups.
1 Month + $4
3 Months + $7
6 Months + $10
12 Months + $13

Starting from
$25.00 Setup Fee
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Jet Backup and Imunify Access (Reseller)

Add 3 additional tools to your Reseller Packages, Jet Backup Interface, Imunify Malware Scanner & Firewall IP Block Removal Tool.