Hosting Related Product Pricing

Below is a list of hosting related product pricing.

If any items are not listed, please contact our support teams HERE.

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SSL - Including Purchase and Installation
1 Year From $99
2 Year From $139

SSL - Certificate Only
1 Year From $49
2 Year From $89

SSL Installation only
Standard support rates apply
Dedicated IP Required for SSL $10p/mo

CMS Products - including Joomla & Wordpress
CMS Security Audit and Security Plugin $99
CMS Monthly Security Audit $7p/mo
CMS Password Reset (This involves a database modifcation, and as such is a chargeable service. $45
CMS Security Plugin Install $69
CMS Upgrade - Capped at $159
Note : Capped pricing eligibility will need to be confirmed prior to proceeding.

Website Site Transfer $99
Archived Backup Retreival $85
.AU Domain Registrant Name Change $65 + Renewal fee (per year)

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