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Australia, in either a retail or reseller account capacity.

Free support is limited to technical issues related to the customer's account that is outside the control of the customer. Issues that can be remedied within the sphere of customer influence are not supported by the included support services. In short, customer configurations either locally on customer premise equipment (CPE) or within their CPANEL control panel are not covered by included support.

Please see the table below for examples.

For Resellers:
End User(EU) Support for Reseller customers is handled by the Reseller account holder, or their support staff directly.

Hosting Australia does not provide the Reseller's End User (REU) with direct technical support except by separate commercial arrangement. If a support request is received from a REU, HA support teams will redirect the REU back to primary reseller account holder and advise the end user that they have come through to wholesale support and will need to speak to their retail hosting provider for further assistance.

Reseller accounts are intended for use by clients that who operate their own web hosting business, or who have multiple accounts that they wish to manage under a primary WHM (cPanel) console. It is a condition of the reseller plans that all support of those accounts is provided by the reseller, or by a resource engaged to provide support on their behalf. The Reseller may escalate server side issues affecting REUs via the HA support ticket system.

For further clarification of this, please contact your Hosting Australia Account Manager.

Types of Support:
Support for Hosting Australia customers fall into three categories. Server Side support, Account based support or design work.
Server side support whether related to an EU or REU account is covered by your monthly hosting fees, and no additional charges will apply.

If you require either Account based support or design support, there will be additional charges. These are either quoted before hand, or charged at an incremental time based rate.

Charges are based on 15 minutes increment:

15 min increment: $50

Min Fee: $65

For example, should you need some work done that takes our support team 25 minutes, your charge will be $100. Should you require something more substantial, and it takes say 40 minutes, the charge would be $150 (Based on 3 x 15 min blocks, at $50 each). Please note the minimum charge is $65.

Examples of the different types of work can be seen in the table below :

Examples of Server Based Support   Examples of Account/Domain Support   Examples of Design Work

Your email has all of a sudden stopped working and your account settings are checked as being correct by our support staff, requiring further investigation on our servers.


A plugin or some new code on your site has crashed and is causing errors when loading the page, or your site requires additional functionality not currently support by the server load.


You need a change to your website, for example the contact details.

Your website is not accessible from multiple locations and the issue can be replicated by our support.


You require a new email account set up, and then to have it configured on your email client. NOTE - this is deemed a chargeable service, as we provide access to create new accounts via cPanel and we also provide detailed step by step guides for client configuration.


You need some new images uploaded to your website gallery.

You require a cPanel password reset. NOTE - repeated requests for password changes may be deemed chargeable.


Your website has been hacked or defaced and you need it cleaned or a backup restored.


You want some colors changed around on your site, or require a new logo added.

You have sent several emails out, to different addresses and they are all bouncing back to you as "undeliverable"


A client of yours is having problems accessing your website and is getting errors, but you are able to access the site ok. In this case, its likely the clients PC is at fault and we can investigate on your behalf, but you will be eligible for any charges.


You have forgotten your CMS password, and require it to be reset.

Of course any of the examples outlined can vary, given on circumstances and causes. Hosting Australia Support staff will always attempt to advise when charges apply, in the case where support staff omit advising the client, charges will be applied according to the policy above.

In the case of site hacking or malware...our support team may need to carry out unapproved work on your site, or suspend your services to preserve server integrity. In these cases, efforts will be made to contact you, but if we are not successful, work may be carried out and charges invoiced as necessary to protect the server and services.

Hosting Australia reserves the right to vary the conditions above at any time, but will provide notification of changes by republishing this article. By engaging with Hosting Australia support you agree to indemnify any liability for losses or damages arising out either the initial issues or resultant technical solutions.

If you have any queries about any aspect of billing, please email

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