Mail Server Settings

Please see the below information for setting up your email client.

Server Names:


Incoming Server : mail.[YOURDOMAIN]
Outgoing Server : mail.[YOURDOMAIN]
eg -

For SSL you can use either of the below methods. Please note, if using your own domain, you will need to have an SSL installed to prevent a certificate warning.

Method #1
Incoming Server : mail.[YOURDOMAIN]
Outgoing Server : mail.[YOURDOMAIN]

eg -

Method #2
Incoming Server : [servername]
Outgoing Server : [servername]

Note: The server name should be shown under your cpanel mail account settings page, or please contact Hosting Australia support.

Port Settings

For a standard email account setup, generally your email client will set a default port, that will correspond to the below.

This information is provided for more advanced setups or users wishing to customise the configuration within their client.

  Standard Secure (SSL)
IMAP Incoming 143 993
IMAP Outgoing 25/26 465
POP Incoming 110 995
POP Outgoing 25/26 465

For information regarding using IMAP or POP, please see this article -

SMTP Authentication

To send email via the Hosting Australia servers, you will need to have SMTP Authhentication enabled in all setups. If this isnt configured, emails will be received but you will not be able to send. Please see THIS article for more info.


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