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Hosting Australia Support staff will always respond to all tickets submitted into our system as quickly as possible. For further information on how tickets are dealt with, ie assigned to staff members and response times, please see the below guidelines.

Critical Support

Tickets deemed by our support team to be of a critical nature will be monitored and responded to 24/7 . For example, should your website or emails be totally offline due to a server issue. These tickets will get a priority response from the appropriate support department, and will take precedence over the other ticket categories below.

Urgent Support
Examples of tickets in this category are issues such as your emails being delayed, or your site not be displaying correctly for unknown reasons. These tickets are also monitored 24/7 and support will be provided in the order tickets have entered the queue.

Non Urgent Support, Sales or Account Queries
Should your ticket be deemed to not fit either urgent or critical support, it will be assessed by our 24/7 support team and assigned to one of our account managers or design team members to respond to during business hours Monday - Friday, 830am - 5pm. These tickets will also be processed as per the order they enter the ticket queues.

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