Web Hosting 101 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Fri 12/10

If you're reading this post and looking for veggie patch tips, you've come to the wrong place.

Fortunately, if what you're seeking starts with ex and rhymes with composure (exposure) then you've arrived at the end destination. Whether it be for a business, a hobby or just your local footy club, a website could be just what you need to prove that you're worth more than just a glance. Sounds great? That's because it is. Trouble is that plenty of people jump into hosting without knowing anything about it.

So over the next few weeks, starting from Monday, we will be explaining the unspoken ins and outs of web hosting. Starting with the sort of stuff most hosting companies will assume you know and eventually leading onto things that most web hosts would bet their favourite coffee machine on you not knowing and if we are being honest, we all value our caffeine above all else, so this is saying something!

So share this post and/or tag anybody you think would take an interest in learning more about web hosting and how it can you promote yourself, your club or your business online!

Like us to catch up with "Chapter 2 -  Why do I want web-hosting?" coming next week.

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